After many unsuccessful experiences

60% of the company's sales

After many bad experiences with marketing agencies, which only promised results, our campaign on Facebook generates a 1615% rate of return and, at the same time, generates 60% of sales of the entire company.

Good Offer

High awareness of the audience

If we do advertisements where the audience has the highest level of awareness of the offer and prices, we can play a well-prepared offer consisting of 7 key elements.

Copywriting skills

Well prepared sales landing page

The key element, in this case, was to prepare a highly converting landing page with a FOMO element, which is packed with benefits, and its loading speed is below 3.5 seconds.

4U Method

Unique marketing promise

Facebook’s algorithm works in such a way that as soon as someone interacts with one type of ad, ads from all competitors are displayed within seconds. In addition, we use a special 4u method that helps us prepare a unique marketing promise. Then customers will click on our ads because they are more interesting.

Ad target: conversion (purchase)

Image ads

Monthly budget: $600

ROAS: 16,15

Monthly sales: $ 9.690

CPC: $ 0.2

CPM: $ 6.21