From door to door sales

To generating online leads and working on CRM

So far, we have been selling our services classically door to door. Since we started working with Omnipresence Force, we obtain leads from Facebook and work on the implemented CRM by Hubspot, which is integrated with ads on Facebook. Thanks to this, before calling the lead, our salesman knows exactly which ad he clicked on a moment before leaving his data.


CPA $25

$ 25 for every lead with name, email address, and phone number who lives in Las Vegas Nevada.

No landing page

Simplest Ad Campaign

Lead ads campaign integrated with Hubspot CRM.

Split testing

Video and image ads

We use video ads and image ads to see what works best. In this case, ads with images generate cheaper leads, and even retargeting people who watched at least 50% of a video ad does not generate better results than ads with images.

Facebook Ads

Sales Qualified Lead

Sales Qualified Lead involves a prospective customer – who has been qualified – being deemed ready for your company’s sales team to get in contact and close a sale.

Campaign type: Lead Ads

CPA: $ 25

Best performing ads: Image ads

Number of leads: 60 leads monthly

AOV (average order value): $ 12.000