5 stycznia 2021

How to use Facebook ads in the Omnichannel strategy

The first stage cold traffic ads with the conversion objective

Because the Facebook algorithm works best from all social networks and analyzes the most data, each of your ads should be focused on conversion that is important to you, e.g., purchase, webinar subscription, e-book download, etc.

Unless you are a corporation, you need to focus on making money, and usually, you don’t have millions in budgets to build brand awareness.

Therefore, even if you use video ads, you need to set a goal: conversion and achieve two goals simultaneously:

1. Sales

2. Warming up cold traffic

Create groups for retargeting

Here are the following custom audience groups you should create:

They were on the sales page but didn’t buy / become leads

They watched 50% of the video but didn’t buy it/ become leads – only if you use video ads

They watched min. 95% of video ad but didn’t buy/become leads.

Exclude any person who was on the sale page and didn’t buy from cold traffic ads

We do not want the person who clicked on the ad and was on the page to see it again because it is no longer cold traffic. Now this person knows about your company, what products you offer and for some reason has not bought your product. There is no point in continuing to display its ads for cold traffic.

Exclude any person who watched min. 95% of the video ad and didn’t buy from cold traffic ads

If someone looks, e.g., 45 seconds of your video ad, they will show great commitment. Maintaining such long attention on Social Media in today’s world proves that what you offer interests our viewers. This is tantamount to engaging with a click on the ad. That is why we can push such an audience to the next sales funnel stage.

Create remarketing ads for people from these audiences

This is the second stage of the funnel where you displayed other ads to warm traffic that has shown engagement. Use these audiences: they were on the sales page but didn’t buy/become leads, and they watched min. 95% of video ads but didn’t buy/become leads.

At the very beginning, install pixels of all traffic sources you will be using on the sales page.

Remember that we are talking about the Omnichannel strategy, i.e., we will use other traffic sources such as advertising on Google, YouTube, TikTok, or Snapchat.

Our original Deep Funnel Strategy™ recommends 3 traffic sources. Therefore, from the very first day, all your pages that are used in campaigns should have pixels installed.

This is why it is so worth preparing this strategy.

Now let’s go step by step what will happen if we use this strategy as part of the omnicjannel strategy.

First of all, your Facebook ad will be directed to cold traffic, i.e. people who don’t know your business.

Second, each person who shows the engagement will see different remarketing ads.

The advantages of this strategy: immediate sales and building very profitable groups for remarketing.

Remember that people from the remarketing group: they were on the sales page but didn’t buy/become leads in the next step they will start seeing remarketing ads also in other places, e.g. Google, YouTube.

This is how you start building your Omnichannel strategy.

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