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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Best for B2B and B2C customers with a wide range of services. Not a good place to advertise with corporate products.

Only For Small And Medium Companys

Main Goal – Conversion

If you are looking for best performing Social Media Network, you can stop searching! Facebook & Instagram is a good choice. But if you don’t want to rely only on this traffic source you should think about other traffic sources and how you can combine them with FB&IG.

Best performing algorithm

Lowest CPA

In 90% of case studies, you can get the lowest cost per acquisition with Facebook  Ads. But it’s only the tip of an iceberg, and this Social Media Network can be the only good beginning to create a real Omnichannel Strategy.

Most advertising option

For 95% of businesses

You have over 12 different campaign objectives. If we will be honest with you, it’s 11 too much.

Rigorous advertising rules

Blocking ad accounts

Not every business can advertise on Facebook&Instagram. It’s very easy to violent advertising policy and be banned. Only expert media buyers can help.

The fastest way to get customers

You Can Get Even 2000% ROAS

If you are starting your adventure with internet marketing, advertising on Facebook will give you the fastest and most spectacular results.

A good source of customer acquisition in the b2c industry and small business owners.

You won’t get corporate clients here.