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YouTube Ads

The most advanced audience targeting options allow you to show your ads to your ideal audience on relevant channels and videos.

The second largest search engine in the world

Be where your ideal customers are spending the most time

How it’s working? Imagine showing your ads on channels and during videos that your ideal customers are watching. Example: Mindvalley ads while listening to meditation music.

Sale plus recognition

The fastest way to build a recognizable brand

By using the appropriate sequence of 3 video ads, your brand will gain a group of loyal fans in a short time.

Laser precision

100 times cheaper than advertising on TV

Depending on the industry and your products, you can reach 1,000,000 perfect audiences for around $ 6,000.

Quick to implement

3 types of ads perform best

You can pay for your ads only after someone watches at least 30 seconds of your video or clicks the CTA button.

Unlimited number of leads and customers

Sales and a recognizable brand at the same time.

The most precise targeting of all traffic sources.

2 billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month.

Cheap and predictable source of customers.

You can even start on a budget of $ 10 a day.
And only when you see the results, you start to increase your budget.